Here’s a good example of my life

Every night my boyfriend watches TV and while I passively watch and read dumb shit on the Internet.  We have mundane conversations or I talk at him and he doesn’t even pretend to listen.  This doesn’t bother me, because I talk a lot and it’s mostly just filler.

When I was a kid I was always told I liked to “hear myself talk”.  That was probably true then and still true today.

Tonights topic of talking at him consisted of  two things:

1. How many trips I have over the next year (one of my best friends is expecting her 1st child, the other is getting married…plus going home to see my family) and how it’s stressing me out.  Which makes no sense to him, he can’t wrap his head around stressing over events that will take place a year from now.  I guess that’s probably the sane way of looking at things.

2.  What I did on my off day today.  I work some Saturdays, so I get a day off during the week.  This conversation went as follows:

Me: “I think I’m going to get some freeze pops when I go to the grocery store next”.

Boyfriend: “Like, popsicles? Didn’t your brother used to basically live off those”?

M: “Yeah, but I was going to get the sugar free kind because they have less calories.  I was going to go to the grocery store today, because I left to go to WalMart and the gym and the grocery store. But when I got to WalMart I realized I forgot my glasses and it stresses me out when I don’t have my glasses in a store because I can only see what’s right in front of me and it’s so big in there, it’s overwhelming.  Also, I only needed a few things from the grocery store, so I figured I’d wait until I needed more than just a few things…”

B: says nothing.

M: “You’re not listening are you”?

B: “No, I just have nothing to say because that’s dumb”.

M: “Whatever”.

End scene.

There’s a lovely peak into my life.


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