OH man.

I’m failing on that daily blogging thing, eh?  Tied in with my last post, I’ve been busy.  And tired.  Life is tiring.  But I’m very grateful I have life to be tired by.

Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been up to.  Let me forewarn you, it’s definitely not anything overly exciting.

Saturday I worked.  I work some weekends (one day), and then I have a day off during the week.  I actually really like it a lot, since I get more done during a weekday off than I do on a weekend day.  After work, I went out with boyfriend’s cousin and some of her friends.  We did the girl thing; dinner, drinks, etc.  It was nice hanging out with girls and wandering around a new town.  Boyfriend’s cousin’s friend lives about 40 mins away.  It’s a really neat town, actually.  I wish we could live there, but it’s outside the county we have to live in for boyfriend’s job.  Also it was just nice being around girls and new people.  I love the boyfriend, but we spend an overwhelming amount of time together right now, since we don’t know a lot of people here yet.

Sunday I woke up kind of hungover.  I came home around midnight Saturday night and proceeded to drink a bunch of vodka.  I don’t always make the best decisions.  I wasn’t too bad Sunday though.  I powered through by chugging water and having some Soylent.  If you don’t know what Soylent is (no, not Soylent Green), I highly suggest you look in to it.  I’m kind of obsessed.  After than, I went to the gym and grabbed some sushi takeout.  Watched some WWE Money in the Bank PPV.  Boyfriend is a big WWE fan, and I’m not into TV much, so I’m a fan now too.  It’s pretty entertaining and to me, TV is mostly just background noise.  I have hard to engaging myself in TV or movies.  I have shows I really like but, for the most part, I kind of leave it on and listen.

Monday to today was the same ol shit.  Work, gym, shower, dinner, prep, sit.  Last week at work was pretty great.  I’m in sales.  This week is pretty fucking terrible.  Which sucks, because we have a lot of money going out to a lot of places.  I try really hard not to stress about money, since we both do fairly well, but it’s like this big, stupid, thing.  And I’m a very strong believer in experiences over things and quality of life over….well, working yourself to death.

I’m very grateful for my current job really.  As long as I work 35+ hours/week (really 40 unless there’s some good excuse), we’re pretty open.  So I can take days off and work a weekend or whatever.  And in doing that, I don’t have to use vacation days either.  It is pretty sweet, but I also have to like, make sales or I’m poor lol.  But I have been doing fairly decent since I started.

I guess I’ll in a round-about way streamline this blog toward money and society or something. Today, so many of us are forever bound by debt.  Even those of who are responsible have debt.  Mostly student debt, which I won’t get too far into because it’s insanely infuriating to me.

Money is a funny thing, isn’t it?


I’m sure you’ve seen this picture.  Image is clearly not mine.  I take no credit.  But, how true is that statement?  And really, it should be $100 bill.  After all, what can you even buy with $1 anymore?  Nothing you need, that’s for sure.

I would love to live “off the grid”.  However, I’m really obsessed with my family and civilization.  So, I’ve come up with another life goal.  I want a tiny house.  One of those little, adorable, semi off-the-grid homes that I can move around the country.  I’m just so tired of shit. Shit everywhere.  Clothes, shoes, books, dvds, shit shit shit.  I’ve moved so much over the past 4 years or so, that I’m just over it.  Not to mention, with a tiny house, many costs are eliminated or at least minimized.

I have a lot of things to accomplish before a tiny house is anywhere in my future.  But it’s something I definitely want and am working towards.  I do want to have kids (or A kid).  So I have to take that into consideration.  Not to mention, boyfriend has to be OK with it.  If we have kids.  If we get married, etc etc.  Some companion has to be OK with it.  I like companions.

It’s just such a freeing concept.  I’ve always been afraid to be anchored to a location.  The world is so big.  And I’ve probably only seen about 1%.  Why build this big house and this big life and not see anything else?  It doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m tiring out right now, but at some point, I’ll get in to traveling and what I’d really like to do.  Which is pretty unlikely, but just a big kid talking about ideas 🙂

Peace y’all!


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