Sunday Funday

I don’t have a lot to say today because I’m hungover today.  We went to Lobster Fest last night.  It was $40 for a 1.5lb lobster and unlimited drinks.  Pretty good deal, if you ask me.  It was delicious.  So I drank and ate way too much.  Which also means I got all drunk and bitchy.  Sorry, boyfriend!

Garren’s parents are coming next weekend.  We have a lot to do before they come.  When we moved, we never set up the guest bedroom.  We’ve used it as our closet and beer room lol.  The closet in our room it tiny.  So, that sucks.  But it needs to get done anyway, so at least this will make us do it.  I’m pretty excited actually.  I really like Garren’s family.

My brain doesn’t work correctly when I’m hungover.  But I do have one thing to say.  Everyone is talking about this shooting in Charleston.  It’s very sad.  However, the media is out of fucking control.  They keep calling it a “hate crime”.  Which I understand means a crime that was motivated by prejudice.  BUT…what the fuck crime is ever committed out of love?  Our media seriously needs to stop sensationalizing violence.  We’re not Charleston Strong or Boston Strong.  We’re fucking human strong and we need to start acting like humans instead of assholes.  Our culture is so fucked up.  I cannot believe that I live in a country that puts on such a bold, proud face, when in reality we’re all cowards in the face of true, positive change.

I’m not saying I’m any better.  I’m definitely not.  I’m just sitting here typing words no one is going to read or care about and doing nothing just like everyone else.  The thing is, I’m not sure what do about it.  I mean, I’m not committing any crimes of any sort, so I’m not part of the problem.  But I’m not being part of a solution either.  And what is the solution?  I feel we’re on the verge of a change, but that we may never actually get there, you know?  And I don’t know what to do to propel the change.

There are a lot of things in our country that are super fucked up and wrong.  I mean, that’s true for all countries.  I’m thankful that I was born here.  I think our first move toward improvement of our country is definitely for everyone to be cohesive and love one another.  I mean, I guess I can do my part.  And try to influence others.  But I feel we need something bigger in order to unite everyone.

But what?


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