Brittni – signed in

Hello, world.

So I’ve started a blog.  My main reason for starting the blog is to better understand my purpose in life.  I plan on discussing everything.  My day to day events.  Aspirations and goals in my life.  Basically, detailing my journey through life.

I used to write a lot.  I haven’t for several years, so forgive me for run on sentences, grammatical errors, or just general, nonsensical rambling.

To give some background about myself: I’m 28 (as of January).  I currently live in the New England area.  I am from the Midwest.  I moved to my current location from South Carolina with my boyfriend, who was offered a job up here.  He is from the general area.  We have a cat (Miley Cyrus…or Kitty as I usually call her) and dog (Kemba).  And I feel as if I am drifting around the country with no purpose.

I’m at a time in my life where my friends are generally established in their careers.  Many are married or engaged, many have kids or are working on having kids.  Or they own homes.  While I’m just here…existing.

I get that I shouldn’t “let society tell you how your life should be”…blah blah.  And I agree.  However, as with many things, that’s easier said than done.

That’s where I’m at right now.  So let’s see how this develops.  🙂